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New Project

EU CaRE Study Focused on Older Patients

Joined by Secretary of Health, Mrs. Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler, in a press conference, Professor Dr. Uwe Zeymer, Chief Scientist of the study, and Dr. Eike Schromm, Chief Resident of the Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation, presented the European EU CaRE study. The study objective is to compare cardiac rehabilitation procedures currently in use for older patients in the seven participating countries and to derive action from the findings in order to improve therapy.

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Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation

FREEZE Study on the Home Stretch

In April 2011, the FREEZE cohort study started enrolling patients. The study objective is to compare the safety and effectiveness of two ablation methods: radiofrequency ablation and cryoablation. RF ablation uses high frequency current to apply heat to selective heart tissue causing it to necrotize. Cryoablation uses extreme cold to destroy tissue. Since the targeted total of 4,000 patients has almost been reached, the study group met during the European Society of Cardiology Congress in London. With all patients undergoing a follow-up at 1 year, results from the FREEZE cohort study are expected to be available in early 2017.

Alman-Türk Sağlık Günü

German-Turkish Health Day

In the picture (from left to right): Minister of State Professor Maria Böhmer, Dr. Steffen Schneider, Dipl.-Ing. Belgin Özdemir-Cetinkaya, Senior Mayor Dr. Eva Lohse.“Healthy Ageing” was the motto of this June’s 2nd German-Turkish Health Day performed in Ludwigshafen.

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81st Annual Meeting

Cardiology Congress in Mannheim

About 8,500 cardiologists from more than 30 countries worldwide participated in this year’s German Cardiac Society’s (DGK’s) Annual Meeting in Mannheim during the week following the Eastern holidays. As in previous years, Stiftung IHF’s stand was highly frequented and intensely used by specialists to exchange with peers about current and planned projects.

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Rhineland-Palatinate Myocardial Infarction Registry

First Results

Having completed Phase III of the Rhineland-Palatinate Myocardial Infarction Registry (MIR-RLP), a press conference was held at the premises of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, Health and Demography in Mainz to present first results to the public.

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Quality Assurance

CPU-II Registry Ready to Launch

The German Cardiac Society is currently issuing revised requirements on equipment and standard of care of so-called Chest Pain Units (CPU). Chest Pain Units are outpatient departments in hospitals specialized in patients with chest pain of unclear origin.

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Congress of the European Society of Cardiology

IHF goes Barcelona

Through the involvement of the Foundation IHF, we are able to present more than 40 entries in the scientific program at this year's European Society of Cardiology Congress (August 30-September 3).

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Recently published data

Heart failure - high mortality rate

Ereignisfreies Überleben nach Krankenhausaufenthalt wegen Herzschwäche In a recent publication (published on July 23 in the journal Clinical Cardiology Research) Professor von Scheidt (Augsburg) shows results of data analysis from the German Heart Failure Registry.

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Survey Among Senior Cardiologists

Professor Senges Presents Results

In February and March 2014, Stiftung IHF had performed an online survey among all members of ALKK (Senior Hospital Cardiologists Study Group) to get a picture of their personal assessment on cardiological research. An analysis of the answers submitted by 49 senior cardiologists was presented by Professor Senges during the annual meeting. For more on the findings, read here.


Professor Senges First Honorary Member of ALKK

During the annual meeting of ALKK (Senior Hospital Cardiologists Study Group) Stiftung IHF President Professor Senges was made the first honorary member of the group. Like no other, “Jochen Senges has committed himself to health care research in line with the traditions of ALKK and its statutory objectives.“ It was also due to his efforts that IHF “with its excellent international scientific reputation has become a walking advertisement of ALKK for excellence in clinical research.“


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